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Telethon Prizes Status

Update 2014-12-09
I'm assembling packages and printing shipping labels right now! Packages with more than just cards will ship first. Packages with cards only will ship in early January due to shipping supplies being backordered.

Update 2014-09-27
Last night I started the tedious process of rounding the corners of all the cards. Twelve sets of Virtue cards plus twelve sets of Legends of Ultima cards times 150 needed for each card and four cuts each card ends up being 14,400 corner cuts. Last night I watched two movies and four episodes of a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and got through four stacks of 150, so I'm 1/3 finished with the Virtue cards. (Admittedly, this part of the process may have been a big factor in the procrastination) Needless to say, I've got a great many solid hours to go on this and I'll be starting up again as soon as I get some food. Thanks for your patience!

Update 2014-09-17
If it's not one thing, it's another. As you know, there has been delay after delay in getting these prizes out due to having to spend money prepping for cooking for Lord British, prepping for the first HoBLotH, moving to Austin, and now having been laid off. This last event brings news both good and bad. The bad news is that I simply cannot afford the extra money it will cost to order the shirts. Custom printing singles and small runs of shirts is very expensive and it's not something I can do without guaranteed steady income. This brings us to the good news which is that without having to order shirts, I already have everything I need in order to start shipping rewards. I'm going to start assembling packages this weekend. I want to have everything out the door so I can focus fully on HoBLotH II prep. Please make sure that I have your current address!

I understand that some of you were *really* wanting a shirt and I apologize. If this disappoints you to the point of anger, please contact me and we can work something out. Thank you for your understanding.

Update 2014-06-30
Five of the six outstanding Virtue Cards were delivered today (I haven't been home yet to check them) and the final outstanding Virtue Card has shipped, according to the printer. Now I need get all of the customized shirts off to the printer and procure shipping boxes. We're getting closer!

Update 2014-06-27
The Legends of Ultima cards have shipped and should be waiting for me on my doorstep when I get home tonight. Also, six of the twelve Virtue Cards have shipped while the other six were held back for "quality control issues." Of those remaining six, five are in the "finishing" stage and will ship soon and one was started over for a third time due to more "quality control issues." (I have no idea what that means). I'm hoping to have the virtue cards by next week.

The most important news, however, is that today I *finally* received the last outstanding shirt size so I can order shirts this weekend. Those should arrive as early as next Friday but definitely by the following week. With the arrival of the shirts, this marks receipt of all the items required to start shipping rewards! As always, make sure I have your updated address!

Update 2014-06-23 (9:00 p.m.)
The Virtue Cards and Legends of Ultima Cards have been ordered! The total cost for those was $620.79 including shipping. I'm still waiting on a few shirt sizes, but current pre-shipping price estimate for shirts is $575.56. This makes the goods total for the Telethon of the Avatar $1,196.35. That leaves $803.65 left in my original estimate to cover shipping supplies and postage. Stay tuned!

Update 2014-06-23 (around noon)
I am very happy to say that enough money from the previously mentioned Ultima auctions has come in and I will be ordering the remaining Telethon prizes THIS WEEK. My printing company's turn around is approximately 1-2 weeks. That time should allow more eBay payments to arrive so shipping should be able to begin very quickly after arrival. Again, thank you all for your patience. If your address has changed since the Telethon, please let me know!

Update 2014-06-12
Yesterday I listed the first four items of my Ultima Collection on eBay. As of the time of this post, three of the four items will sell when the auctions close in six days. This will provide enough funds for me to order the remaining items for the HoBTotA and ship them. Your supernatural patience in this process has been greatly appreciated. As stated previously, everyone will receive a bonus for having to wait. I will confirm addresses one final time before shipping. If you are expecting items and your address has changed, please be pro-active and reach out to me via email.

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