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November 9th - 12th, 2017

08:00 Thursday - 16:00 Sunday CST

Austin, TX / Minoc, Britannia

HoBLotH is the Ultimate Ultima Event
and includes
  • Camping on Lord British's private lake-front property of Castleton
  • Exclusive double-sided cloth map
    (e.g. HoBLotH II & HoBLotH III)
  • Physical invitation
  • Quest journal
  • Codex coin pouch
    (e.g. HoBLotH II & HoBLotH III)
  • Exclusive special event trinket
    (e.g. HoBLotH II & HoBLotH III)
  • Limited edition commemorative paper map of Castleton
  • Loaner LARP weaponry
  • Catered Saturday feast and Sunday breakfast
  • Questing food at the tavern for thine adventures
  • All the beer thou canst drink!
  • Questing with Lord British and the real-life people who inspired thy favorite Ultima NPCs
  • Exclusive HoBLotH themed community cloak from Shroud of the Avatar (digital)
  • Fully immersive environment with in-game currency used to purchase food, drinks, items, and more
  • Role playing in a certified drama-free, beginner-friendly environment with the very best personally vetted participants
  • Over 20 quests designed by Rustic Dragon and the best event veterans
  • The only way to access the Castleton Wake farewell party
  • Additional quests and activities designed and submitted by attendees
  • Quests, activities, and volunteer roles for all levels of physical ability

Ultima experience not required!

HoBLotH IV is a four day, three night live-action role-play (LARP) event in the mythos of the Ultima series of video games (with some Shroud of the Avatar elements). This event shalt create the experience of being in Britannia (and New Britannia!) as realistically as possible.

This shalt be the last HoBLotH until the cookbook is finished
and will almost certainly be the last HoBLotH on Lord British's property!

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