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Legends of the Hearth

Saturday & Sunday
November 15th & 16th, 2014

10:00 a.m. Saturday - 4:00 p.m. Sunday CST
(Exact hours subject to change)

Austin, TX

RSVP and late registration are now CLOSED


Now that we have defined what the HoBLotH is not, let's talk about what it is!
(Anything that's been discussed with you previously should be forgotten, only what is written here is official!)

HoBLotH II: Legends of the Hearth is a weekend long, live-action role-playing event that will attempt to create the experience of being in Britannia in the transitional years between the Age of Enlightenment and the Age of Armageddon (give or take some liberties for fun) While admittedly lacking the budget of legendary Richard Garriott events, HoBLotH II still aspires to create a similarly immersive, engaging, and memorable experience for Ultima fans. Activities include feasting, questing, (safe) combat, puzzle solving, and, of course, RABBLE!

Thou wilt arrive in Austin by conventional means in normal attire as early as necessary. However, precisely at 10:00 a.m. (subject to change) Saturday morning, thou wilt step through the red moongate into Britannia where thou will be set upon a grand quest by Lord British himself. To aid thee in thy quest, thou wilt receive a weapon, cloth map, a runic translation in case thy memory is foggy, and a bag of coins. Completion of this quest is not guaranteed, but the rewards will be worth thine efforts.

As the day continues, thou wilt be free to explore the hamlet of Cove in pursuit of thy quest. Thou wilt be given opportunity to engage in martial training with legendary warriors to enhance thy chances of survival, earn extra coin via sub quests, spend thine hard earned coin on better weapons, food, and other trinkets, be drafted into a war between old rivals, break bread with thy companions at a feast, meet actual Britannian inhabitants, spend the rest of the night engaged in open revelry, and spend the night inside the dwellings of Cove or under the stars as thou doth prefer.

The following day, thou wilt spend the morning breaking thy fast in open camaraderie with thine friends and be given the opportunity to tie up any quest loose ends before being rewarded for thine efforts and released to pass back through the red moongate to Earth, though it may never be the same again after leaving Britannia.


(Subject to last minute change)

Core gaming hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturday

Time Activity
Friday Afternoon/Evening Pre-Rabble - Friday night access does not start until 5:00 p.m. Please do not arrive at the venue before 5:00! Friday access to the venue is provided only as a courtesy to out of town guests. There is nothing formally planned for this time and food/drink is not planned to be provided. While this may change, please bring your own provisions for Friday just in case. Please stay only within the parking and camping areas to prevent spoilers. Only attendees with a confirmed RSVP are allowed Friday night. (i.e. no guests) People arriving early may be asked to help with last-minute set up. Assistance with airport transportation is appreciated. Quiet hours begin at 11:00 p.m.
Saturday Morning Prep - Wake up, get dressed, grab a bite of breakfast, and be ready to start at precisely 10:00 a.m.!
Saturday 10:00 a.m. Quest Giving - This is the official start of the event. Attendees need to be costumed, ready, present, and seated no later than 10:00 a.m. to receive your official quest from Lord British. Everyone will gather in a central location to receive their starting equipment, last minute rules, and quest details.
Saturday 10:30 a.m. Costume Judging - Attendees will be given additional starting rewards based on the quality of their costumes, especially Ultima related ones. Don't fret, ALL effort will be rewarded. (e.g. the barest minimum garb of a tunic and pants may get you a few extra starting coins, whereas a full on Ultima cosplay will get you quite a bit) The best Ultima costume will be voted by the group and rewarded appropriately. (If you already have an SCA/AMTGARD or other role playing persona that you've a costume for, by all means wear that! The goal is to have fun.) This is the one time you're encouraged to argue! If you can make a case for why something you're wearing is garb or Ultima related, you'll be rewarded for it!
Saturday 11:00 a.m. Martial Training - Don't know the pointy end of your sword from the handle? No problem! Train with legendary Iolo Fitzowen, grandmaster bard, and other Britannian inhabitants to learn which is which! Attendees will learn the rules of combat for questing during the HoBLotH, including important safety information. If you want to get up to speed on combat early, check out the Combat Rules & Reference.
Saturday 12:00 p.m.
(Possibly earlier)
Open Questing - Start your quest! Explore Cove, spend your coin, earn more coin, interact with NPCs, barter with each other, spar, and rabble! Food will be available for purchase (with in-game currency) during this time for lunch while questing.
Saturday 1:30 p.m. Virtue Pole - A special Britannian version of Earth's May-Pole celebration. Come dance!
Saturday 2:45 p.m. Boffer Bracket (optional) - Participants can sign up for a one on one boffer sword bracket with prizes for the victor. Who knows, Lord British himself may even be in the running! Those not participating are encouraged to grab a snack, observe, and cheer for the combatants. After the bracket, there will be an exhibition duel between old rivals Lord British and Lord Blackthorn. If you want to get up to speed on combat early, check out the Combat Rules & Reference.
Saturday 4:00 Battle Prep - Spend your coin to upgrade your weapons and be drafted to participate in an epic battle between Lord British and Lord Blackthorn. Last minute rules talk will be given here.
Saturday 4:30 p.m. Capture the Keg (Battle Game Rules) - Armies led by Lord British and Lord Blackthorn will fight in a themed boffer battle in a combat game designed by Rustic Dragon. The winning army will receive a substantial reward as well as bragging rights. View the Battle Game Rules and don't forget to brush up on the general Combat Rules & Reference.
Saturday 6:00 p.m. Feast - After a long, hard battle, it's time to eat, drink, and be merry!
Saturday 8:00 p.m. Concert - Our featured guests, The Space Bards will be performing a special, exclusive set for us at the Curtain Theatre! You bet your mandrake that Neon Milk (the drink) will be available. ;)
Saturday 9:30 p.m. RABBLE! - Unsupervised rabblery. Gather around camp fires, continue to eat, drink, and be merry. Rabblery will continue until through Sunday morning.
Saturday 11:00 p.m. Quiet Hours - Rabblery may continue ad-infinitum, but please keep your voices down as sound carries across the water. (We may designate a party cabin for the night)
Sunday 1:00 p.m. Closing Ceremonies - Quest rewards will be granted, favourite moments will be recalled, and closing toasts will be given.
Sunday 4:00 p.m. After Rabble - The event is officially over, but you're welcome to stay as long as you like (within reason) to continue to rabble and help clean up as your schedule allows. You may bring guests to help drink the remaining beer and eat the leftovers. The kegs will remain until Monday afternoon!


Every good event has rules. Some of these overlap some with the decrees above, but additional detail is provided here. The following are the rules for attending the HoBLotH II:

  1. You Must Attend the Entire Event
    This one's the trickiest, so let's just get it out of the way. The event runs from 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning to 4:00 p.m. Sunday. Attendees will be required to arrive ahead of time and be ready for the start and stay through the end. Resources will not be available to catch late arrivals up to speed and irregular attendance will disrupt the in-game economy and the quality of the group events will suffer. Explicitly stated:

    You may not pop in and out and/or only attend parts of the event that interest you.

    I understand that some people will have very specific reasons for not being able to make these times and that emergencies do arise, please be sure to communicate this to me clearly in the RSVP process.

  2. Physical Participation is Expected
    This is not a spectator event. This is a physical, live-action event. Light hiking, walking, boffer combat, and even some dancing will be required to complete your quests. You certainly will not be expected to run around with a boffer for hours on end fleeing from and chasing monsters. In fact, you will not be expected to run at any point unless you choose to during boffer combat. However, please understand that sitting on the sidelines during an organized group battle makes it less fun for everyone. You're not expected to be any good with a sword, but you are expected to at least try and, most importantly, to have fun trying. If the idea of this does not appeal to you, this isn't the event for you.

    Those with legitimate physical limitations or injuries are certainly excused from these activities. We will find fun ways for you to participate to make up for it. (e.g. as an NPC) Also, if you *absolutely* hate the idea of boffer combat, you can volunteer to be an NPC for a few hours. The important factor is that you are excited about the world of Ultima and you have a real urge to participate as much as possible.

  3. Garb is Required
    Similar to last year, attendees must dress appropriately for the HoBLotH. No, you can't come without garb. I may have a limited supply of loaner garb available for those who are unable to get a costume ready depending on how much of it is needed to garb NPC's. If you require loaner garb, let me know ASAP and bring as much appropriate clothing as possible. (e.g. black/brown/grey pants instead of jeans, boots instead of white tennis shoes, etc.)

    • If you have the spare money and no time or sewing skills, you can purchase garb.
      I suggest the following sites:
      Medieval Collectibles (best prices but sometimes out of stock)
      Museum Replicas (okay prices, usually always in stock)
      Pendragon Costumes (most expensive by far but the nicest quality)

    • If you're handy and have some time, you can go to Goodwill and simply modify stuff to look the part. You can do all kinds of nifty things with scissors and some leather laces. Just cut the sleeves off something, belt it, and go. Seriously, I'm not going to be the authenticity police. I just want you to make an effort not to wear jeans and tennis shoes.

    • If you have skills to make things from scratch, check out these resources

    Don't obsess too much over this. I'm only looking for a good faith effort here, not historically accurate costumery. Also understand that you'll be tramping around on quests through some light woods, so don't plan on wearing super expensive feast wear the entire time. While you're certainly welcome to bring changes of garb, it's not necessary. (i.e. a special, fancier set of feast wear is not required) Just try to dress like someone in Britannia would. Any and all garbing effort will be rewarded. Above and beyond costumery will be proportionally rewarded.

    If the idea of wearing garb doesn't sound like fun to you, this isn't the event for you.

  4. Act With Virtue
    Last year, Rustic Dragon opened the doors of his home to thirty people, most of whom he'd never met in person, and did not lock up any of his possessions. As to be expected with virtuous Ultima fans, there were no problems. Let's please continue this tradition. This year's event takes place on Lord British's property. Let's be sure to be respectful of the property, stay within the designated event areas, and act with virtue to other participants.

  5. Have Fun
    Or else!

Dramatis Personae

Richard Garriott de Cayeux

Lord British

I could write some sort of mini bio here but let's face it, if you have to read the bio, then this event isn't for you. ;) Lord British himself will be present giving quests, engaging in combat, and rewarding the Virtuous.


David Watson

Iolo Fitzowen

David Watson, the real-life counterpart of the Virtue Companion Iolo Fitzowen, will be joining us as well. Both in-game and Earth-based incarnations of Iolo being grandmaster bards, accomplished fencers, and professional crossbow makers. Iolo will train thee as well as provide music for all to enjoy!


Kathy Flatt


The humble shepherd and Virtue Companion, Katrina, will be joining us at the the event! She is enthusiastic about questing, role playing, and all things fun! Look to Katrina for some puzzling quests and great stories!


Starr Long

Lord Blackthorn

In addition to Lord British, his long time rival, Lord Blackthorn will be present and stirring up trouble. Who knows what shenanigans will ensue in his presence...


Talzhemir Mrr


Known by many names, this ex-Origin employee is almost as mysterious as her Britannian alter-ego! Penumbra, as you no doubt will recall, played a very important role at the end Britannia's Age of Enlightenment and the beginning of the Age of Armageddon. Will you have to battle poison and sleep fields to have your fortune told? Only the brave will find out!


David Shapiro

Dr. Cat

Origin's first non-founding employee, Commodore 64 wizard, amazing programmer, and pioneering game designer in his own right, creating games with Talzhemir including the world's longest running social MMORPG, Furcadia! Dr. Cat is a riot both on Earth and in Britannia. Known for prowling around his tavern, The Cat's Lair in Paws, Dr. Cat will certainly have some wonderful stories to share!


Dallas Snell


Dallas Snell went from hobbyist programmer to Executive Producer for Ultima VII and is now leader of the Tribe for Shroud of the Avatar. Dallas has had many incarnations in worlds other than Earth including Gorn in both Balema and Britannia, DeSnel in Britannia, and Dallas Garrett on Earth/Mars. Will you stand a chance against this deadly duellist?

Read More... ...and more... ...and more...

Mike Nystul


Mike Nystul (Yes! "Nystul's Magic Aura" Nystul!) is an acclaimed author of a great many tabletop roleplaying books and co-author of the Knights of Legend manual. He is the alter-ego of Nystul, the court wizard of Lord British though multiple ages of Britannia.


Denis Loubet

Monsieur Loubet

Denis Loubet, artist for almost all of the box covers and the lion's share of manual illustrations for the Ultima games, will be attending! Known as Monsieur Loubet in Serpent's Hold during Britannia's Age of Enlightenment and as Denys in the Valley of Eodon, will the real Loubet be as fearsome a fighter as his Britannian counterpart? We'll see!

Read More... ...and more...

Jeff Dee


Legendary artist Jeff Dee, the real-world counterpart of Arturos, the self-proclaimed King of the Gypsies (don't tell Zoltan!), will be joining us in the weekend's revelry. Don't let your horses get too close though, they may end up with a nasty case of Arturosis...


Scott Jones

Lord Nimrond

Art Director and Concept Artist for Ultima IX and UI artist for Ultima Online and Shroud of the Avatar, Scott Jones will be attending the HoBLotH! Also known as Nimrond, the cart bearer in Britain during the Age of Armageddon, Scott will be aiding thee in thy quests!


Dale Flatt

Captain Elad

Long time friend of Lord British, caretaker of Richard's properties in Austin, husband of Katrina, and adventuresome spirit Dale Flatt will be in attendance. With a passion for prop and interaction construction, Elad will be an invaluable addition to the cast and will surely have some great stories to boot!

Read More... ...and more...

Mystery Guest(s)


Additional special guests will be added to this list as they confirm their attendance.

Joseph Toschlog

Rustic Dragon

Proprietor of the Hearth of Britannia, amateur chef, former fencing instructor, and crazy Ultima fan, Rustic Dragon is creating, administrating, and hosting this event. Inspired by Lord British's legendary events, Rustic has been putting on non-typical events (i.e. not boring parties) for over ten years and is hoping HoBLotH II will be the most epic yet.


Featured Guests

(Photo courtesy of SotA Bricks)


(subject to change)

Saturday Evening Feast
Brisket, Sausage, Turkey, Chicken, Slaw, Beans, Potato Salad, and Bread

Saturday feast will be catered by County Line BBQ

Frasier's Folly Stew
Due to popular demand, I will be making a massive pot of Frasier's Folly Stew!

Quest Food
An assortment of food and beverage will be available for purchase with in-game currency

...and possibly more, stay tuned...

Confirmed Guests

9 Spots Remaining
(Guests are marked tentative until admission is received. Guests marked "Housed!" have an assigned cabin space. Those marked "Housing Requested" most likely will have space, it's just not assigned yet pending responses from all attendees.)

1. Lord Jouten Housed! 2. Goldenflame Camping
3. Bayamount Housed! 4. Fenyx Fitz'Ure Camping
5. Miracle Dragon Camping 6. Smitty Camping
7. Ty of Britain Camping 8. Indi Housed!
9. Captain XJ Housed! 10. Tek Fistenbeer Camping
11. Atticus Gryphonheart Camping 12. Koa Dragon Camping
13. Danden Pendragon Housed! 14. Hobbit Dragon Camping
15. Alavar Vintner of Skara Brae Housed! 16. Sorceress Dragon Housed!
17. Unseen Housed! 18. Gallara Housed!
19. Rild Camping 20. Porcelina Camping
21. EnderAndrew Housed! 22. Lady Sarah Housed!
23. Loony Loyd Camping 24. Tastrick Dragon Camping
25. Violation Housed! 26. D'Lainie Housed!
27. Erth Camping 28. Vega Lightfinder Housed!
29. Jarrod Kailef Camping 30. Feeding Dragon Housed!
31. Sempiternal Dragon Housed! 32. Amber Raine Housed!
33. Darthan Haj Camping 34. Golden Silver Housed!
35. Browncoat Jayson Camping 36. Lord G Dragon Housed!
37. Raxxus Camping 38. Teckel Dragon Camping
39. Winfield Camping 40. Wahooka Housed!
41. 42.
43. 44.
45. 46.
47. 48.
49. 50.


The following people have contributed to the HoBLotH but cannot attend the event. Your support is greatly appreciated! If you cannot attend but would like to contribute, please consider donating.

Golem Dragon
Houston Dragon
Gabriel Nightshadow
Dominus Dragon
Lord Andernut
Sir Penthorn
Danden Pendragon
Stirring Dragon
Eternal Knight
Darkling Dragon

Donations of $50 or more ($75 international)

will receive a set of event trinkets in the mail!

Donations of $100 or more ($125 international)

will receive an autographed set of event trinkets!


RSVP and late registration are now CLOSED


  1. When does registration close and when is admission due?
    Registration will close November 1st (special cases notwithstanding) but it is very helpful to planning if you can RSVP before October 1st.

    Special cases notwithstanding, admission must be paid by November 1st, preferably by October 15th, and ideally by October 1st.

    Please do *not* pay admission until I have confirmed your reservation. Once I have confirmed your reservation, I will give you instructions on how to pay admission.

  2. I can't make the event times, what are my options?
    The start/end times are still a little flexible at this point. If you need to arrive a few hours after the start and/or leave a few hours before the end, be sure to tell me in the RSVP process. If enough people have similar needs, we'll move the times. If not, I can try to work with you on an individual basis to make it work.

  3. What is the earliest I can arrive/latest I can stay?
    This has changed! You can arrive any time after 5:00 p.m. on Friday and sleep at the venue. (bear in mind that many parts of the venue will be off limits until the event starts to prevent spoilers) If you need to arrive before that, you can theoretically come as early as you need and stay at Rustic Dragon's place provided you don't suck and you don't mind crashing on the floor. On Sunday, you can stay as late as nightfall at the venue and crash at Rustic's after that if needed. Again, provided that you don't suck and don't mind crashing on the floor.

  4. What is provided for lodging?
    There are twelve (12) habitable cabins at the venue. Many of the cabins have beds or cots, however, attendees will need to provide their own linens. All cabins have electricity and many have A/C (which may or may not be needed depending on the weather). No cabins have heat.

    The cabins will comfortably sleep twenty-nine (29) attendees and thirty-six (36) if attendees get a little cozy and are willing to sleep on floors. Attendees may email the host to request a cabin, once and only once by replying to their RSVP thread (please do not send a new email). Attendees should state why they need a cabin (e.g. "I have asthma" or "I'm flying in"). Requesting a cabin does not guarantee an attendee will have a cabin until the request is confirmed by the host. It is possible that reservations may not be confirmed until the week of the event. Having a cabin entirely to oneself and a significant other (i.e. not having to share with other guests) should not be expected. (Please see Decree #5)

    Note: At the time that this F.A.Q. was updated at 2014-10-20 at 4:38 p.m. CST, there were thirty-eight (38) guests who had RSVP'd. Prior to this update, this F.A.Q. stated that the cabins would be 100% primitive and would not have beds meaning that attendees who had RSVP'd already had done so without expecting beds. Prior to this update, if having a bed was an absolute requirement, attendees were encouraged to get a hotel or take care of those arrangements themselves. This is still the case. While a good faith effort will be made to provide special accommodation, the only way to 100% guarantee is for the attendee to provide it themselves. Entitlement, arguing, and/or whining over lodging assignments will not be tolerated. (again, see Decree #5)

    Because there are a limited number of sleeping spots, anyone able to bring a tent should do so. Anyone driving is also encouraged and requested to bring as much camping equipment (e.g. tents, blankets, pillows, air mattresses, etc.) as possible both for themselves and to let others use if willing to lend. Those willing to lend bedding may charge and are encouraged to charge other players in-game currency for the loan. Attendees who go above and beyond in providing for others may be rewarded.

    Lastly, use of a cabin requires paying a fee in in-game currency. Yes, this means that if an attendee spends all their money on something frivolous, they will lose their cabin spot. (*ahem* Decree #5) To preempt outcries, attendees will start the game with more than enough currency to pay for food and lodging. Those who are able to camp will be rewarded by being charged a substantially lesser "rent" and will have more money to spend other fun things.

  5. Can I bring a guest?
    All attendees must go through the RSVP process. This includes the interview and admission fee. You may RSVP more than one person at a time, but both will need to be confirmed to attend.

  6. My guest doesn't know anything about Ultima but...
    All attendees must go through the RSVP process as outlined on this site. Please have them read the entirety of this site, just as you did. If you or your guest feel that your guest would not have a great time, then you should strongly consider that this event may not be for them.

  7. My guest is under 21, is that a problem?
    For liability reasons, we cannot have attendees under 21 due to the presence of libations.

  8. I want to be/do <specific thing>, can I do that?
    Depends entirely what it is. At the last HoBLotH, we had a Wandering Beer Minstrel and it was awesome. If you want to play a specific role, please include that information in your RSVP request.

  9. What is the smoking policy?
    Smoking is not allowed inside of the cabins or theatre. Briar, meerschaum, and/or clay pipes are encouraged, please bring them! The host will have a supply of tobacco for sharing (or possibly for purchase with in-game currency). Please be respectful, there should be plenty of space for pipe smokers and non-pipe smokers to co-exist happily.

    As for cigarettes, please do not leave your butts in the grass. Exitinguish them thoroughly, wet them if possible, and dispose of them properly. As cigarettes do not smell as pleasant as pipes, please step away from other guests while smoking them. (Cigars are welcome in the circle)

  10. Can I bring food/beer/etc. as a donation?
    In general, yes. Please include your thoughts in your RSVP request so we can plan accordingly.

  11. Where is the event specifically?
    The event will take place in Castleton, Richard Garriott de Cayeux's amazing lake-side property in Austin, TX. Directions and parking information will be sent to you with a confirmed RSVP.

  12. Will there be vegetarian/vegan options for food?
    Limited vegetarian friendly options will be available. Vegan options are not guaranteed. Your are welcome and encouraged to bring your own food/snacks/drinks.

  13. Why do you need the admission fee up front?
    I need funds to place orders ahead of time for event trinkets, supplies, and to lock in contracts for catering and such. Also, this helps me have firmer estimates for event planning.

  14. What happens if the event is cancelled?
    If the event is cancelled, everyone will get their money back and we will all be sad.

  15. Something happened at the last minute and I cannot attend, can I have my money back?
    Cancellations made within five days of a confirmed RSVP will be fully refunded

    Cancellations in September will receive a full refund.
    Cancellations in October will receive a 50% refund.
    Cancellations in November cannot be refunded.

  16. Can I bring live steel or metal fencing weapons?
    The short answer is yes, live steel is allowed and encouraged for atmosphere. Peace tying, the act of securing a weapon in its sheath, is not necessary, but it is appreciated. Simply be considerate when drawing the steel and ensuring there is a safe radius and, of course, calling "clear!" (Most attendees are not SCA/AMTGARD veterans but we'll have a safety talk during Martial Training about live steel etiquette)

    If you bring a fencing weapon, you may be challenged to use it!

    There will be NO live steel or metal fencing weapons of any kind, peace tied or otherwise, allowed on the field of play for any of the boffer combat. This rule will be strictly enforced.

    Lastly, as we progress into the evening (and into our cups) let us err on the side of keeping non-boffer weapons safely stowed.

  17. Can I bring my own armor?
    Of course! Not only is that allowed and encouraged, it will benefit you in the combat games. Metal armor is allowed with a few exceptions: There should be no dangerously sharp edges, protrusions, or spikes present and at no time should the armor be used to strike a combatant. This will be strictly enforced.

  18. Can I bring a musical instrument?
    Of course!

  19. Will there be any streamed or online elements to this event like last year?
    No, however there will be pictures.

  20. I require special accommodations/assistance...
    Please include that information in your RSVP request and I'll work with you to the best of my ability.

  21. I have a different question...
    Please go through the RSVP process and include your question there. I'll answer it personally and likely add it to this list.

  22. I cannot attend, but I'd like to help. What can I do?
    Firstly, thank you! That's amazing, awesome, and super generous of you. Believe me, it's truly appreciated. The Hearth of Britannia accepts donations via PayPal.

    Donations of $50 or more ($75 international)

    will receive a set of event trinkets in the mail!

    Donations of $100 or more ($125 international)

    will receive an autographed set of event trinkets!

    Do NOT use this button for admission or building sponsorship related payments.
    Instead, please contact The Hearth and wait for instructions.

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