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Dramatis Personae

NPC's will be played by persons of note who hath been involved with the development of Ultima and/or Shroud of the Avatar, be they creators, developers, or the people in-game NPC's were based upon.

Richard Garriott de Cayeux

Lord British

Some sort of mini bio could be written here but let's face it, if thou hast to read the bio, then this event is not for thee. ;) Lord British himself will be present giving quests, engaging in combat, and rewarding the Virtuous.


Starr Long

Lord Blackthorn / Darkstarr

In addition to Lord British, his long time rival, Lord Blackthorn/Darkstarr wilt be present and stirring up trouble. Who knows what shenanigans wilt ensue in his presence...


David Shapiro

Dr. Cat

Origin's first non-founding employee, Commodore 64 wizard, amazing programmer, and pioneering game designer in his own right, creating games with Talzhemir including the world's longest running social MMORPG, Furcadia! Dr. Cat is a riot both on Earth and in Britannia. Known for prowling around his tavern, The Cat's Lair in Paws, Dr. Cat will certainly have some wonderful stories to share!


Scott Jones

Lord Nimrond

Art Director and Concept Artist for Ultima IX and UI artist for Ultima Online and Shroud of the Avatar, Scott Jones will be returning for his third HoBLotH appearance! Also known as Nimrond, the cart bearer in Britain during the Age of Armageddon, Scott will bring something unique the event, guaranteed!


Mystery Guest(s)


Additional special guests will be added to this list as they confirm their attendance.

Check out last year's event archive to see who mayest be coming.


The person in charge of designing, creating, and bringing this event to thee.

Edward Vitralis

Sir Edward Vitralis / Rustic Dragon

Former Portalarium community manager, proprietor of the Hearth of Britannia, amateur chef, former fencing instructor, and crazy Ultima fan, Sir Edward is creating, administrating, and hosting this event. Inspired by Lord British's legendary events of yore, Sir Edward hath been putting on non-typical events (i.e. not boring parties) for over a decade and believes HoBLotH IV wilt be the best yet.


Lord Marshal

The person in charge of all things martial and combat related at HoBLotH IV. His rule is law on the field.

David Peters

Lord Jouten / Beard Commander

David hath been part of the The Hearth of Britannia even before it was formally announced to the world. In addition to attending every HoBLotH to date and enthusiastically participating in nearly every Dragonsmeet, he drove across the county and spent many dozens of hours helping with the original Telethon of the Avatar. Since then, he hath become an active student of HEMA and more than earned the right be Master-at-Arms for The Hearth. David wilt be in command of all Martial Training at HoBLotH IV.

Quest Designers

HoBLotH IV will feature a blend of a centrally written story line and player submitted content. These fine folks hath shown great aptitude for designing quests and as such hath been trusted with helping design the central story line for HoBLotH IV.

Adam Burr


In addition to creating his own Ultima tribute project, The Dark Unknown and attending every HoBLotH to date, Adam leveraged his decade of LARP experience to write the largest, most cohesive quest chain for HoBLotH III. The Hearth is thankful to have his assistance in creating the main quest line for HoBLotH IV.


Indi Martin


Indi is the graphic force behind Tortoise & Hare Creations' official Shroud of Avatar comic as well as other fantastic community projects. In addition to being a "founding" member of The Hearth, Indi wrote a massive quest chain for HoBLotH III that didn't get to run due to an injury. The Hearth is happy to integrate that work into this year's event!


Joseph Drasin


Not content with merely attending (and encouraging) Hearth-run events, Joseph decided to carve out his own corner of Britannia under the auspices of the mysterious Unseen Order, which hosts the fantastic Festivals of the Silver Serpent. Joseph's quests for HoBLotH III were unique, thoughtful, and entertaining and The Hearth is excited for his help with the main HoBLotH IV quest line.
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