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Under Construction

The specifics of how players will be submitting quests to HoBLotH IV is still being worked out.
Please follow The Hearth on Twitter to be informed of updates to the HoBLotH IV portal.

Though the framework is still being worked out, please prepare thyself
for the following changes from HoBLotH III:

  • Because the Hearth is designing and running a central quest line, there is not room for all players to submit quests
  • Players who do not submit a quest may fulfill their participation requisite by volunteering for other duties (don't worry, this will be made super easy for thee!)
  • Quests and players will no longer be separated into the categories of Fighter, Mage, and Bard
  • There shalt be a stronger emphasis on adhering to the event theme (though exceptions will always be made for fantastically designed quests, always err on the side of asking!)
  • There may be some pre-written official quests that players may simply volunteer to run instead of designing their own
To familiarize thyself with the venue and the types of details that make for great quests, please refer to last year's quest framework for more information but please understand that HoBLotH IV will not be the same as HoBLotH III.

Registration for HoBLotH IV shalt open
Sunday, April 30th, 2017
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