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Reference sketches and photos for Stephen Daniele

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I imagine The Hearth as a combination pub, restaurant, and inn. (pretty standard fantasy tavern fare) Above is a ten minute sketch of the back side of the Hearth. (The full image has a top-down view as well) I've always liked the idea of the kitchen being separate to prevent the entire building from burning down in the case of an accident. However, this also prevents the cook from easily bantering with the patrons. The outbuilding could instead be storage or possibly even a stable. I haven't given much thought to how I want the front of the building to look yet as this hasn't been a high priority for me and I was planning on working on those details during the Telethon.

In my head, I've been struggling with exactly what type of architecture I want for The Hearth. I'm torn between the standard, Medieval cottage/fantasy timber/plaster look and fancier cathedral stone walls. Below are some images that I've been using for inspiration. (all images are clickable)

This picture my friend took in Europe really screamed what I was looking for in The Hearth. I loved the dark roof tiles on the left, the coblestones on the building behind the guy on the right, and the ivy on everything.


This is the Scottish Rite Cathedral here in Indianapolis. What draws me to this building is how multi-storied it is with many angles in the walls. I especially like the "porch" in the third picture. Reminds me of where a noble (or wealthy crime lord) would have a reserved outdoor table.


A great deal of my inspiration came from The Three Broomsticks & The Hog's Head at Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL. I feel as though this is a nice blend of the two styles that I haven't been able to reconcile myself. I especially like the semi-enclosed entry way in the first and last pics of this row.


I admittedly haven't thought much about the interior, but I have always been drawn to taverns where the lodging is up above the eating area. Of course, being from the Harry Potter mythos, everything is more convoluted than it needs to be, but it's certainly fun to look at.

This last one's just for fun.

I hope these images help give you a sense of what's rattling around in my head. My original idea for The Hearth of Britannia was actually just a little cottage on a hill, so I'm open to all sorts of ideas. I tend to be drawn to places that have lots of interesting little spaces inside. However, what's most important to me is that everything makes functional sense. Thanks!
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