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Regarding the Listing of Castleton, How It Affects HoBLotH IV, and the Hearth in General

April 3rd, 2017

Hail all. By now, many of you have seen that Castleton has been placed on the market for sale. For those that do not know, Castleton is the venue for HoBLotH (and other) events.

The obvious question to ask here is:
"How does this negatively affect HoBLotH IV?"
The short answer is:
"It doesn't."

It does, however, affect The Hearth of Britannia in general as well as potentially positively affecting HoBLotH IV. The Hearth has been advised to continue planning to use Castleton for HoBLotH IV in November. However, The Hearth will not count on using Castleton for HoBLotH V, should there be one.

Given that this is the last planned HoBLotH/Ultima event for Castleton...
It is imperative that it is also the greatest
HoBLotH/Ultima event ever.

Thus, The Hearth will be re-prioritizing its projects for the remaining months up to HoBLotH IV. The main goal of The Hearth of Britannia is now to make HoBLotH IV the absolute best event that it can be. To that end...

All work on the cookbook and HoBLARP will be back-burnered until after HoBLotH IV.

To those of you who are disappointed to hear that the cookbook is again on hiatus, I feel and share your pain. I picked my current apartment based on it having a quality kitchen and I long to work on the cookbook as I believe it will be my magnum opus and greatest contribution to the Ultima community at-large. It is NOT cancelled. However, when opportunity and need arises, it is imperative to step up to the challenge and I cannot let Castleton be sold without a proper (Ultima) farewell event.

Part of HoBLotH IV will include
a group farewell to Castleton.

You can help make this the most legendary HoBLotH ever by committing to attend, spreading the word, and/or donating to the event (every little bit helps). I always say "you'd better plan to come because there may not be another." Well, it's finally true. This is it. You will NOT want to miss this.

Registration is scheduled to open this month so stay tuned for more details. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Forever at thy service,
Rustic Dragon

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