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Regarding HoBLotH III Building Sponsorship Signs

April 7th, 2017

Hail! For those of you that sponsored a building for HoBLotH III (thank you), the reward was to have your message written in calligraphy and displayed on the building at the event. After the event, the signs were to be mailed to you. Unfortunately, it stormed for the majority of the event and most of the cardboard disintegrated. I planned to remake everyone's sign but now I have a better idea. To make it up to everyone for the delay, I will be laser cutting everyone's sign on wood once my Glowforge arrives. Additionally, I will print a second sign of whatever you like as a (very late) thank you for your sponsorship. I will be emailing you individually to make that happen once the Glowforge arrives (hopefully in August).

Thank you again for your patience and sponsorship!

Forever at thy service,
Rustic Dragon

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