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Dramatis Personae

Richard Garriott de Cayeux

Lord British

Some sort of mini bio could be written here but let's face it, if thou hast to read the bio, then this event is not for thee. ;) Lord British himself will be present giving quests, engaging in combat, and rewarding the Virtuous.


Warren Spector

Dr. Spector / Zipactriotl / Spektor

Game developer, designer, producer, educator, and more, Warren Spector will be visiting HoBLotH III briefly to answer questions and greet questers.

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Starr Long

Lord Blackthorn / Darkstarr

In addition to Lord British, his long time rival, Lord Blackthorn/Darkstarr will be present and stirring up trouble. Who knows what shenanigans will ensue in his presence...


David Watson

Iolo Fitzowen

David Watson, the real-life counterpart of the Virtue Companion Iolo Fitzowen, will be joining us as well. Both in-game and Earth-based incarnations of Iolo being grandmaster bards, accomplished fencers, and professional crossbow makers. Iolo may train thee as well as provide music for all to enjoy!



The Horse

Iolo's faithful steed, tasked with saving the world from the ever growing nemesis of hay, Smith will be present to give us indispensably helpful clues for our quests and wow us with his dashing good looks.


Dallas Snell


Dallas Snell went from hobbyist programmer to Executive Producer for Ultima VII and is now leader of the Tribe for Shroud of the Avatar. Dallas has had many incarnations in worlds other than Earth including Gorn in both Balema and Britannia, DeSnel in Britannia, and Dallas Garrett on Earth/Mars. Wilt thou stand a chance against this deadly duellist?

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Steve Hemphill

The Avatar?

According to Iolo and Richard, Steve is "the original Avatar." Despite humbly resisting that title in the Ultima universe, he has more than earned his place in Ultima history. Steve worked at Origin in the mid 90's and was a strong force in running Richard's spookhouses and legendary birthday events. Now famous for coordinating Austin's Lysts on the Lake, Steve will be a wonderful repository of fun stories at this year's event!

Talzhemir Mrr


Known by many names, this ex-Origin employee is almost as mysterious as her Britannian alter-ego! Penumbra, as you no doubt will recall, played a very important role at the end Britannia's Age of Enlightenment and the beginning of the Age of Armageddon. Will you have to battle poison and sleep fields to have your fortune told? Only the brave will find out!


Mike Nystul


Mike Nystul (Yes! "Nystul's Magic Aura" Nystul!) is an acclaimed author of a great many tabletop roleplaying books and co-author of the Knights of Legend manual. He is the alter-ego of Nystul, the court wizard of Lord British though multiple ages of Britannia.


Denis Loubet

Monsieur Loubet

Denis Loubet, artist for almost all of the box covers and the lion's share of manual illustrations for the Ultima games, will be attending! Known as Monsieur Loubet in Serpent's Hold during Britannia's Age of Enlightenment and as Denys in the Valley of Eodon, will the real Loubet be as fearsome a fighter as his Britannian counterpart? We'll see!

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Jeff Dee


Legendary artist Jeff Dee, the real-world counterpart of Arturos, the self-proclaimed King of the Gypsies (don't tell Zoltan!), will be joining us. Don't let your horses get too close though, they may end up with a nasty case of Arturosis...


Scott Jones

Lord Nimrond

Art Director and Concept Artist for Ultima IX and UI artist for Ultima Online and Shroud of the Avatar, Scott Jones will be returning for second his HoBLotH appearance! Also known as Nimrond, the cart bearer in Britain during the Age of Armageddon, Scott will bring something unique the event, guaranteed!


Mystery Guest(s)


Additional special guests will be added to this list as they confirm their attendance.

Joseph Toschlog

Rustic Dragon

Proprietor of the Hearth of Britannia, amateur chef, former fencing instructor, and crazy Ultima fan, Rustic Dragon is creating, administrating, and hosting this event. Inspired by Lord British's legendary events, Rustic has been putting on non-typical events (i.e. not boring parties) for over ten years and is hoping HoBLotH III will be the most interesting yet.


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"Welcome, O Seeker!"

"At last thou hast come to fulfill thy destiny," the gypsy says. She smiles, as if in great relief.
"Firstly, I needs must ask," the gypsy slides a parchment and quill toward thee...

"By what name shalt thou be called in Britannia?"