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Event F.A.Q.

  1. When doth registration close and when is admission due?
    Registration will close May 1st, 2016, admission also must be paid by this time. Please do not pay admission until thy reservation hath been confirmed. Instructions for paying admission will be included with thy registration approval email.

    While thy dost have until May 1st, 2016 to pay thine admission, it is helpful to The Hearth for thee to pay admission as soon as possible. This allows The Hearth to have funds up front in order to secure vendors and place necessary orders. Because of this, thy registration will not be fully confirmed until thine admission fees hath been received. Until thy registration is fully confirmed, thy spot will be not guaranteed, thy name will not appear on the guest list, and thou mayest not submit Quests/Activities.

    Late registration is open from May 1st to May 10th at an increased price of $250/person. Registration closes fully May 10th, 2016.

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  3. How doth the registration process work?
    There are several steps to the registration process. It is all started by clicking the "registration" sign at the top of the page.

    1. Thou wilt create and save thy character.

      Once thou hast created a character, thou wilt provide an email and password and thou wilt be emailed a confirmation that thy character hath been saved.

    2. Thou wilt provide additional information and submit thy registration.

      After saving thy character, thou wilt be taken to a form where thou must submit logistical information such as when thou mayest interview, thine address to receive a mailed invitation, and the like. Once thou dost submit this form, thou wilt receive a second confirmation email. The host will also receive an email informing him that there is a new registrant.

    3. The host will interview thee.

      All applicants must interview with the host via Skype or G+ Hangout. A webcam and microphone is required. After the interview, the host will (usually) approve thy registration. Thou wilt receive a congratulatory email along with instructions on how to submit Payment Info.

    4. Thou wilt submit the Admission Payment Info Form.

      Please note that this form does not submit actual payment. Instead, it helps thee calculate thy fees and informs the host of what to expect from thee. Thou wilt receive a confirmation email of thy choices.

    5. Thou wilt send payment.

      Thou wilt send payment according to the instructions given in the Payment Info email. While admission is not due until May 1st, 2016, it is helpful to The Hearth for thee to pay admission as soon as possible. This allows The Hearth to have funds up front in order to secure vendors and place necessary orders.

    6. Thy registration will be fully confirmed.

      Once this payment is received and processed by the host, thy registration will be fully confirmed. This secures thy spot, puts they character name on the guest list, and allows thee to submit Quests/Activities.

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  5. I canst not attend the entire event, what are mine options?
    Unlike HoBLotH II, it is not a firm requisite to attend the entire event. If thou dost needs arrive after the start of the event (e.g. Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) and/or leave before the end of the event Sunday, it is no problem. Simply include that information in the registration process. Please be sure to include this information because if enough people have similar needs, the schedule will be adjusted to accommodate.

    While flexibility in arriving late and leaving early is freely given, please remember Rule 1 in that thou art requested not to come and go more often than is necessary.

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  7. What is the earliest I may arrive/latest I may stay?
    Thou mayest arrive any time after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31st and sleep at the venue. If thou dost need to arrive before that, it is possible that accommodations may be made. Please communicate this need during the registration process and the host will plan with thee.

    On Sunday, the venue must be cleaned and vacated by midnight. Help cleaning up is greatly appreciated as the venue is being used the very next day by the local Boy Scouts troupe.

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  9. What is provided for lodging?

    Lodging decision information (i.e. who gets a cabin) will be released May 1st, 2016

    There are twelve (12) habitable cabins at the venue. Many of the cabins have beds or cots, however, attendees will need to provide their own linens. All cabins have electricity and many have A/C (which will likely be needed for June). No cabins have heat, though this should not pose a problem.

    The cabins will comfortably sleep twenty-nine (29) attendees and thirty-six (36) if attendees get a little cozy and are willing to sleep on floors. Attendees request housing during registration. Attendees should state why they need a cabin (e.g. "I have asthma" or "I'm flying in"). Requesting a cabin does not guarantee an attendee will have a cabin until the request is confirmed by the host. It is possible that reservations may not be confirmed until the week of the event due to last minute planning involving attendees with special needs. Having a cabin entirely to oneself and a significant other (i.e. not having to share with other guests) should not be realistically expected. (Please see Decree #3)

    Because there are a limited number of sleeping spots, anyone able to bring a tent should do so. Anyone driving is also encouraged and requested to bring as much camping equipment (e.g. tents, blankets, pillows, air mattresses, etc.) as possible both for themselves and to let others use if willing to lend. If the stretch goal of in-game currency is met, those willing to lend bedding may and are encouraged to charge other players in-game currency for the loan. Attendees who go above and beyond in providing for others may be rewarded.

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  11. Mayest I bring a guest?
    All attendees must go through the official registration process. This includes the interview and admission fee. Thou art encouraged to vouch for thy guest during thine own registration as this will help the host during the interview and confirmation process.

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  13. My guest doesn't know anything about Ultima/SotA but...
    All attendees must go through the registration and interview process as outlined on this site. Please ensure that they have read the entirety of this site, just as thou didst. If thou or thy guest feel that thy guest would not have a great time, then thou shouldst strongly consider that this event may not be for them.

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  15. My guest is under 21, is that a problem?
    For liability reasons, attendees under 21 are not permitted due to the presence of libations.

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  17. What is the smoking policy?
    Smoking is not allowed inside of the cabins or theatre. Briar, meerschaum, and/or clay pipes are encouraged, please bring them! The host will have a supply of tobacco for sharing (or possibly for purchase with in-game currency). Please be respectful, there should be plenty of space for pipe smokers and non-pipe smokers to co-exist happily.

    As for cigarettes, please do not leave your butts in the grass. Extinguish them thoroughly, wet them if possible, and dispose of them properly. As cigarettes do not smell as pleasant as pipes, please step away from other guests while smoking them. (Cigars are generally welcome in the circle, maduros subject to discretion)

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  19. Will there be dedicated photographers like last year?
    Last year, attendees were requested not to quest behind their phones. The help facilitate this, three photographers were on site to document the event and were at the disposal of attendees who wanted specific photos. It is currently unknown whether or not any or all of last year's photographers are willing to return for HoBLotH III. The host will certainly invite them. However, it is unlikely that they will be able to attend the entire event. Given this, attendees are welcome to take photos but please be respectful err on the side of questing over using thy phone.

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  21. Mayest I bring food/beer/etc. as a donation?
    In general, yes. Please include thy thoughts in thy registration so the host may leverage thy donation most effectively.

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  23. Where is the event specifically?
    The event will take place in Castleton, Richard Garriott de Cayeux's amazing lake-side property in Austin, TX. Directions and parking information will be sent to you once they registration is confirmed.

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  25. Wilt there be vegetarian/vegan options for food?
    Limited vegetarian friendly options will be available. Vegan options are not guaranteed. Thou art welcome and encouraged to bring thine own food/snacks/drinks.

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  27. Why dost thou need the admission fee up front?
    The host needs funds to place orders ahead of time for event trinkets, supplies, and to lock in contracts for catering and such. Also, this helps the host have firmer estimates for event planning.

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  29. Why is the admission fee half of last year if the event is longer?
    Last year the event was created entirely by the host and included a substantial amount of custom items and trinkets for attendees. This year, the host is relying on attendees to create and run most of the quests and activities and wants to ensure they have the budget to do so. This year's event is also hoping to bring twice the number of attendees and lowering the price point seemed like the easiest way to do that. That being said, a higher budget allows for more custom trinkets and higher quality questing food for all attendees. If thou dost wish to donate above thine admission fee, it would be greatly appreciated by all and will be recognized and rewarded.

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  31. I canst not afford admission but I really desire to attend, art there any options?
    While admission has been reduced since last year to accommodate more attendees, this price may still be unrealistic for some attendees. Please register anyway and note thy needs during the process. Whilst there is no guarantee that thou mayest be given a discount, the host will work with thee to see if accommodations canst be made.

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  33. What happens if the event is cancelled?
    If the event is cancelled, everyone will get their money back and all will be sad.

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  35. Alas! Something happened and I canst not attend, mayest I have my money back?
    Before April, 2016, cancellations made within five days of a confirmed registration will have admission fees fully refunded.

    Cancellations before April, 2016 but more than five days after a confirmed registration will receive an 80% admission fee refund.
    Cancellations in April, 2016 will receive a 50% admission fee refund. There is no longer a five-day grace period in April.
    Cancellations in May, 2016 cannot be refunded.

    Attendees who have been ejected from the event or had their registrations cancelled prior to the event for behavioural reasons will not receive a refund.

    Donations and tips cannot be refunded at any time as they are allocated immediately toward funding goals.

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  37. Mayest I bring live steel or metal fencing weapons?
    Yes, with some important caveats. Live steel is allowed and encouraged for atmosphere. Peace tying, the act of securing a weapon in its sheath, is not necessary, but it is appreciated. Simply be considerate when drawing the steel and ensuring there is a safe radius and, of course, calling "clear!"

    If thou dost bring a fencing weapon, thou mayest be challenged to use it!

    There will be NO live steel or metal fencing weapons of any kind, peace tied or otherwise, allowed on the field of play for any of the boffer combat. Thou mayest NOT engage in ANY boffer combat anywhere or at any time whilst holding or wearing any live steel. Sheathed or otherwise. This rule will be strictly enforced.

    Lastly, as attendees progress into the evening (and into their cups) err on the side of keeping non-boffer weapons safely stowed.

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  39. Help! I don't have any garb, canst thou point me to some resources?
    Certainly. If thou dost have the spare money and no time or sewing skills, thou canst purchase garb.
    The following sites are suggested:

    The CavernsA long time friend of the The Hearth, The Caverns, recently opened their own store. This store offers many of the products found at the websites listed below but with a very important difference:

    Thou canst use promo code JM10%MIGO for a 10% discount!

    If thou dost find anything thou dost like at the sites below, be sure to check The Caverns first to see if thou mayest get a better price!
    Medieval CollectiblesA major retailer offering items from Epic Armory, Museum Replicas, and more, Medieval Collectibles has some of the best prices around but they are often either out of stock or they only show limited options. (e.g. They will sell gloves as "one size" when there are indeed multiple sizes available from the manufacturer if thou dost seek them out through research.)

    Medieval Collectibles is a great place to start thy search but be warned that their customer service leaves much to be desired.
    Museum ReplicasFor many, Museum Replicas is the end-all be-all of garb shopping. They have a wide range of products and are usually in stock. On the whole, their customer service tends to be better than Medieval Collectibles but their prices tend to be higher, even on the same Museum Replicas branded items sold by other retailers.

    Like Medieval Collectibles, this is a great place to start thy search but higher quality and better deals can be had elsewhere with a little searching.
    Epic ArmoryLARP weapons and garb galore at reasonable prices. Please note that Epic Armory is in Cananda and international shipping is required to the United States so plan and group thine orders appropriately. Medieval Collectibles sells most of their line so thou canst get it domestically but if you're looking for more options or a specific fits, it's best to check here before ordering from Medieval Collectibles as Epic Amory often has more options than their authorized retailers advertise.

    Epic Armory is a wonderful resource as all of their LARP weapons are HoBLotH combat approved. Check Medieval Collectibles first and compare prices as thou mayest be able to save on shipping.
    White PavilionA friendly company that makes quality garb on a small scale, White Pavilion offers items that are handmade (not factory) so their line, while simple, is a little more unique. This place is worth a perusal if thou art looking for something for something a touch more personal but not so bespoke (and expensive) as Pendragon.

    White Pavilion is an excellent company for simple but well made garb that will last decades. (The Hearth knows from personal experience)
    Ravenswood LeatherRavenswood makes some of the most functional, well made leather pieces for garb out there. What makes Ravenswood nice is the ability to customize virtually any item with any color for both the leather and hardware. The downside is that they are a little on the expensive side but the quality is worth it. There is also a lead time of about a month so plan accordingly. They have a permanent booth at the Texas Renaiassance Festival if thou dost want to talk with them in person.

    Ravenswood is an excellent resource if thou hast the coin and time for it. Be sure to plan ahead for custom orders!
    ArmstreetWhile Armstreet does offer some of the more common garbery such Templar surcoats and monks robes, Armstreet specializes in Viking/Nordic garb. See for thyself. Their selection is impressive but be warned that they are a bit pricier than the previously listed resources.

    If you're looking for very well put together outfits that don't look "costumey," especially with a Viking/Nordic persuasion, then look no further!
    Pendragon CostumesIf thou art looking for the utmost quality, comfort, and superiority in bespoke garb, look no further. Pendragon is the ultimate source for historically accurate garb ranging from the adventuresome to the most courtly. There is a lead time for custom orders but many of their items can be purchased "off the rack" at the conventions and events they attend. (They will happily let you try clothing all day!)

    Pendragon Costumes is the dream garb for many folks. If thou dost have the coin, their garb will not disappoint. Their customer service is impeccable.
    Footwear ResourcesIn the host's experience, footwear is among the most difficult piece of garbery to source at reasonable prices. Thankfully, affordable options do exist! Often times, it is necessary to purchase boots that are sized for the opposite sex. In general, women's sizes run two sizes larger than men's. (e.g. a women's size 12 should fit a men's size 10)

    Funtasma/Pleaser - While admittedly a "stripper boot" company, Funtasma (the costume line of Pleaser) makes some extremely convincing looking and tremendously comfortable boots nearly always for under $100. Their boots are so convincing that even Museum Replicas will sell a few of their boots (though they'd never admit that they are Pleaser brand boots). While the link provided is for Funtasma's wholesale page and does not sell directly, thou mayest purchase these boots by googling the product number. Amazon, eBay, and various adult websites stock the Funtasma/Pleaser line.

    Minnetonka Moccasins - Available in brown and black, Minnetonka moccasins are a common sight at Ren faires. These boots used to be available in side lace options as well but these days those can only be found used on eBay. If thou dost wish a pair of these boots that come without the fringe, thou mayest cut it off or purchase them without the fringe directly from Museum Replicas. Additionally, if purchasing directly from Minnetonka, the boots come with or without a small foam pad on the bottom. The host highly recommends the pad on the bottom for durability. What makes these boots exceptional is the ease of which they are customizable with a little time and effort. Lastly, knock off boots can be found on eBay, especially for women. The quality and visual appearance may suffer, but the price cannot be beat.

    Son of Sandlar - No list of garb footwear would be complete without Son of Sandlar. Nothing is more iconic Ren faire than these boots. While the quality is undebatable and they will likely outlast the apocalypse, they are quite expensive. These boots are many LARPers dream boots because of the quality. The host, however, thinks they generally look ridiculous with their unmistakably modern soles. He believes them to be more akin to sci-fi than Medieval fantasy but to each their own.
    Miscellaneous ResourcesAmazon - The selection, price, and quality will vary wildly but every day Amazon is becoming a better and better resource for sourcing garb. This is also useful if thou art buying a Prime eligible item and want it in a hurry and want easy returns if there is a problem. Amazon also has the advantage of having generally reliable reviews.

    Ebay - Ebay can be a fantastic resource for finding garb though it's a little more labour intensive to search and bid. The host personally finds eBay to be a great place to find miscellaneous one-off items like chests, pendants, and the like. Ebay will often have an item in a certain size that is out of stock at the major retailers.

    Etsy - Etsy is a total grab bag. Thou mayest find custom bespoke items costing an arm and a leg or mass produced items the seller found at their local Goodwill being pawned off for a small profit. With that caveat, there are some very quality sellers on Etsy who are often very happy to work with thee to create something all parties will be happy with. Similar to eBay, it simply takes some time and patience to do the research.
    Hat tip to Jouten Asero for introducing both Armstreet and Ravenswood Leather to The Hearth!
    Also, please feel free to link to these resources for thine own event if thou dost desire.
    Simply credit The Hearth of Britannia as the source.

    Lastly, if thou art handy and have some time, thou canst go to Goodwill and simply modify stuff to look the part. Thou canst do all kinds of nifty things with scissors and some leather laces. Just cut the sleeves off something, belt it, and go. Seriously, no one is going to be the authenticity police. The host just want thee to make an effort not to wear jeans and tennis shoes.

    If thou hast skills to make things from scratch, check out these resources.

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  41. Mayest I bring mine own LARP weapon, bow, or crossbow?
    Yes! Thou mayest bring thine own weapons provided they meet the Equipment Safety Standards.

  42. Mayest I bring mine own armor?
    Of course! Not only is that allowed and encouraged, it will benefit thee in the combat games. Thou mayest bring thine own armour provided it meets the Equipment Safety Standards.

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  44. Will there be any streamed or online elements to this event?
    No live video streaming is allowed at the event. There may be some sort of online tie-in element but at present, this is still TBD and is not likely.

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  46. I require special accommodations/assistance...
    Please include that information in thy registration and the host will work with thee to work out a solution.

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  48. Will there be in-game currency like last year's event?
    Hopefully yes, it will depend on the budget. If thou dost wish to ensure in-game currency is present, please consider making an additional donation!

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  50. I have a different question...
    Please proceed through the registration process and include thy question there.

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  52. I canst not attend, but I'd like to help financially. What mayest I do?
    Firstly, thank thee! That's amazing, awesome, and super generous of thee. It is truly appreciated. The Hearth of Britannia currently accepts donations via PayPal, however, donations by personal check or money order are preferred due to not having to incur PayPal fees.

    If thou art interested in donating via check/money order, please send The Hearth of Britannia a message through Facebook

    Donations of $75 or more ($100 international)

    will receive a set of event trinkets in the mail!

    Donations of $100 or more ($125 international)

    will receive an autographed set of event trinkets!

    Do NOT use this button for building sponsorships or if thou art planning to attend.
    Instead, please contact The Hearth for instructions.

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